Join us and Learn Exactly What it Takes to Create an Authentic and in-demand Leadership Brand

Saturday, July 1st at the Hilton Garden Inn in Avondale

Who is the Women Powered Up Experience for?

The Women Powered Up Experience is an exclusive gathering of Smart, Savvy & Ambitious corporate leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is an intimate community of no more than 50 female leaders who have reached maximum success at their current level and now they’re ready for their next level. They not only want to achieve more – they want to impact more

Maybe you’re an Experienced Leader who wants to move to the next level in your career. You’re ready to elevate your vision, voice and visibility.

Or perhaps you’re an Emerging Leader who feels stuck and you’re not quite sure why. You’re ready to get clarity on your leadership archetype so that you understand how others see you.

You may even be an Aspiring Leader who simply needs some direction on what it takes to uplevel. You’re ready redefine who you are.


Make the decision to be in the room with 49 other fired up, like-minded women who are ready to get Powered Up with you!

If you want to develop compelling communication skills and a leadership brand of impact and influence, the Women Powered Up Experience is for you.

Women Powered Up brings you proven leaders at the forefront of transformational work. They inspire, they challenge, they ask the big questions, and most importantly they ignite and activate you to take action

AMPLIFY Your Vision, Voice & Visibility


• Eliminating chasing and instead attracting more of the right opportunities because you are known for your ability to execute and produce results.
Communicating more confidently and with more moxie and far less concern and worrying about what to say.
Increasing your credibility with a thought leader message that will have people remember and recommend you for high-visibility projects.
Creating a deeper sense of connection in your relationships in a way that makes a true difference in the lives of others.
• Creating an undeniable leadership brand that not only positions you for greater success but also allows you to make a bigger impact in the world.


Expect to experience all of this and more when you say ‘Yes’ to joining us.

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Saturday, JULY 1’ST, 2017 I PHOENIX, ARIZONA

A Six-Part Plan of Intensive Instruction:


Leadership is both a privilege and responsibility but you must earn the right to lead and we show you how.


As a leader, your communication will make or break you. It’s at the heart of all you do. Learn to do it well.


The key to getting things done is about positioning winning ideas that lead to an easy Yes!.


Get unhooked from the grips of fear, uncertainty and doubt so that you can be the leader you desire to be.


The relationships you build, nurture and grow is in direct connection to your level of success.


If you don’t own it, neither will anyone else. Learn what it takes to solidify and communicate your value.


Learn From A Panel of Experts & Leading Authorities Who Are Ready to Wake You Up, Shake You Up and Power You Up for Your Next Level of Elevation



Power Up: The 7 Pivots You Must Make to Lead in the New Economy

Read The Bio

Dr. Angela Kenzslowe


Power Up: There is NO Bear!

Read The Bio


Relationship Experts

POWER CONVERSATION: How to Use Your Feminine Power to Win in Your Relationships

Read The Bio



Read The Bio


TABLE TALKS are our signature 25-minute facilitator led POWER TABLE discussions. They offer an informal and intimate setting to share best practices around a focused and specific topic. TABLE TALKS are discussion based and will not feature a formal presentation. Please come prepared with questions relative to each topic.
Each TABLE TALK will be offered a total of three times to allow attendees the opportunity to participate in multiple discussions on different topics.

(TABLE TALK topics are subject to change, but they will all be about relevant challenges that high-achieving leaders face.)

Say Yes to joining us and you’ll enjoy:

Intimate, transparent and personal conversations with celebrated corporate and entrepreneurial women leaders (you’ll definitely want to have pen and paper ready to take notes!)

The satisfaction of being part of an intimate community of like-minded leaders that will naturally uplift and elevate you to your next level. The collective consciousness of this symposium will be potent!

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Women Powered Up is different. In one high velocity day, you’ll be given a blueprint to Felicia’s proven and proprietary formula for leading more powerfully and with greater impact and influence.
You’ll be introduced to an entirely new way of looking at how you brand your unique brilliance for success.

Decoding Your Leadership DNA (VIP Group Power Day Only)

How to Create a Leadership Brand by Design Not Default

Before you arrive to the event, you’ll receive access to a one-time online self- assessment that increases self-knowledge and self-awareness by helping you identify and understand your leadership archetype and character strengths. This allows you to see yourself through the same lens that others see you. Profoundly different than other personality assessments, you will learn that you’re not a type and that we all tilt in various ways to adapt to contexts. The assessment allows you to breakthrough your own self-imposed glass ceiling by quieting the inner critic and strengthening your self-concept. It includes a 30+ page report that provides a comprehensive review of results which will allow you to implement strategically sound improvements to take your leadership to the next level.

Women Powered Up Integration Webinar to Understand How to Leverage Your Assessment Results

Take part in a 60-minute group integration webinar so that you arrive to the event with a full understanding of your results, see yourself the way others see you and be prepared to infuse that understanding into your overall leadership brand plan.

Brand Authority: 6 Big Leaps to Unearth Your Leadership Superpower

Standing out alone is not enough for you to get chosen. This session will teach how to separate yourself away from a sea of sameness so that you are seen as unique AND valuable to the
people you need to influence.


What exactly is the Leadership Mastery VIP Group Power Day?

In addition to the LIVE Women Powered Up Experience, I’m hosting a BONUS training day for a small group of 10 fired up leaders on FRIDAY, JUNE 30’th. You’ll love this intimate, closed door session with me and a couple of my POWER PARTNERS.

This will be a power-packed day of learning with nine other like-minded female leaders who are ready to get powered up with you. You’ll receive a questionnaire that will help us ensure this day is designed to give you exactly what you need to ascend to your next level of leadership success

Our goal is to address your specific Blindspot behaviors that get in the way of your success.

This BONUS training day is for you if you’re tired of playing small, laying low or simply sitting on the sidelines and you’re ready for something more, THIS is your opportunity to get in the driver’s seat and fully own your lane as a Leader committed to creating an influential and in-demand leadership brand.


Dena Patton is a global speaker, best-selling author and transformational business coach who works with leaders, entrepreneurs and world changers to create GREAT businesses & become GREAT leaders. She has been a full-time coach for 14 years and is the creator of Greatness Training and The Greatness Marketing Academy. She believes in creating a well-oiled, well-marketed, and well-LED business that creates a great revenue AND makes a great difference. She has co-authored 4 books and has been featured in over 40 media stories, including CNN, NBC, Phoenix Business Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine.


Overcoming Superwoman Syndrome: 5 Principles to Become a Well-Balanced Superwoman

During this 60-minute interactive session, you will learn:
o How to access your power in any moment and in any situation
o The #1 tool to become an extraordinary leader, parent and spouse
o How to use your Superwoman Powers in extraordinary ways



Courageous Leadership: Outrageous Growth

Known and appreciated by thousands of engaged and sometimes exhausted executives and entrepreneurs as The Dream Leader for Business™, Loretta Love Huff “Helps people and teams EXCEED their dreams™! Loretta has made several appearances on the local Fox10 Morning News show, radio shows across the country and been featured in numerous business publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Arizona Republic, Black Enterprise, The Phoenix Business Journal, Arizona Woman, and Working Mother magazine. A Phoenix Business Journal “Top Women in Business” honoree, Loretta is the author of two books, Leadership without Limits and When ‘Off with Their Heads!’ Won’t Work.

She is also the creator of Sleep, Leap, Reap: The Bamboo Approach to Courageous Leadership and Outrageous Growth, a consulting process that generates new revenue sources, improves productivity and increases profit margins for professional service firms and service-based businesses. Prior to starting her consulting company, Loretta worked at Fortune 500 companies such as Apple Computer, Sega of America, Bank of America, Sears, Dreamworks and Kraft Foods. She has served as a computer programmer, a commercial banker, a market research manager and an HR executive. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from Howard University and an M.B.A in Finance from the University of Chicago. Loretta stands ready to shine a light on your path to higher productivity and bigger profits.

POWER TALK: Level Up: Courageous Leadership: Outrageous Growth. Learn 7 critical components that support the accomplishment of substantive goals and business results.


Prior to working with Felicia, I interviewed for this job two times to no avail and when it came open again, I knew that I really needed to focus on clarifying my passion and skills.  After just two Power Sessions with Felicia, I was able to confidently secure my dream job and gain a better perspective on my goals and assets. Felicia skillfully guided me through the process

Dr. Felicia Durden, Principal, Cartwright Elementary School

Felicia is dynamic, informative, thoughtful, and intuitive. She has developed coaching systems, but she also has the unique ability to quickly get to know you, understand your needs, and develop a customized coaching plan that will equip you with the tools you need to excel in your career and business. She has helped me navigate my career journey with great success.

Trineka Greer, Communications Director

Felicia’s words of wisdom and step-by-step systems have definitely inspired me to get into action and to lead with purpose! Putting what I learned to use has allowed me to survive 3 rounds of staffing cut-backs and increased leverage and influence within my company. The tools and strategies that Felicia provides helped me to stay focused, in action and getting results- at a much faster pace that I could have ever done on my own.

Terri Babineaux , Systems Engineer

4 Reasons Why the Women Powered Up Experience is a MUST ATTEND Event…

We’re committed to delivering an intentional, power-packed experience that will allow you to reflect and renew with an unstoppable spirit that gets you charged up and ready for what’s next!

Whether you are a corporate professional, entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom, if you crave a quality environment with like-minded women, the Women Powered Up Experience is for you.>

When you say ‘Yes’ to the invitation, we’re committed to delivering on these four promises:

1 Learn from Industry Experts
Prepare to be educated and inspired by an unparalleled group of trailblazers, go-getters, leaders and experts as they engage in candid conversations about what it really takes to advance and build a sustainable career. I’ll teach you the exact steps I’ve taken to build a successful career from HR Assistant to HR Executive – and go from success to significance doing meaningful work that impacts the lives of others. I’ll even hand it to you as a plan for

2 You’ll Learn My Proprietary Leadership Branding Formula For Increasing Your Impact, Influence & Income
Think about what it would mean to you to crack the code for masterful leadership and finally get the recognition, respect and compensation you deserve.

I’ll teach you the exact steps I’ve taken to build a successful career from HR Assistant to HR Executive – and go from success to significance doing meaningful work that impacts the lives of others. I’ll even hand it to you as a plan for you to take home, so you can model my success to create your own!

3 You’ll Feel Ready to Take Your Next Big Leap
You’ll be ready make a Big Leap into what’s next for you. You’ll be ready to trade in all excuses for the life that you deeply desire. We’ve custom designed this experience to ensure you leave with more than a shot of motivational hype that quickly dies when you get back home. Learning from both the success & setbacks of people who have been where you aspire to go, you’ll be equipped with new knowledge, insights and tools that you’ll be able to put to use immediately.

4 You’ll Be Embraced by New Connections
We understand the power of connection and how frustrating it is to arrive at an event feeling totally disconnected. The Women Powered Up Experience will be infused with connectivity from the moment you say ‘Yes!’ Be sure to seize this opportunity to connect with like-minded women who also want to connect with you. If you’re authentic and serious about your desire to grow and develop, this is the kind of community and environment that can change your life!

Listen, don’t allow that little voice of indecision talk you out of this opportunity.

The beautiful thing is that an event like this is full of possibilities and if you’ve read this far, your heart is saying ‘Yes’ but that little voice has you stuck on the fence in indecision.  Trust me. I know because I’ve been there.

Maybe you’re wondering if it’ll be worth your time and money or if will simply be another motivational event that leaves you hyped and overwhelmed with too much information.

Here’s what I know to be true: I’ve pulled together some of the greatest minds I personally know. Couple their knowledge with the fact that after spending more than two decades as a Human Resource Executive, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with women with similar challenges as you. This experience (not theory) allows me to intimately know what’s required for you to succeed as a female leader.

You’ve read the testimonials from some of my clients and while I can’t guarantee you’ll have those same results, I can guarantee the cost of inaction.

Indecision is the place where suffering sits. Don’t let another year go by where you’re sitting with the same challenges you had this year. Bet on yourself and say ‘Yes’ to joining us.

One more thing:

Whatever your big goals are for this year, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll accomplish them on your own. Why? Because success doesn’t happen in a silo. You need a catalyst to help you shift. The Women Powered Up Experience is that spark to get you going.


After last year’s event, the energy afterwards was incredible. The pictures in the Facebook group, the stories of breakthroughs and connections that happened…were truly life-changing.

But we also got some emails from people who were disappointed that they missed out. I don’t want you to risk missing out. Reserve your ticket now at the best possible price and I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix and getting Powered Up right along with you!

Felicia Davis




Now that you’re ready to get Powered Up, let’s start getting you branded before you arrive to the LIVE event! This power-packed bonus includes:

> 10-day Brand Your Brilliance Challenge Enjoy daily support from Felicia for 10 days to help you start amplifying your Vision, Voice & Visibility before you arrive to the event.

> 10 Signature Brand Your Brilliance Playsheets These custom worksheets are designed to activate the learning during the Challenge.

This challenge alone is an experience like no other! Trust me when I tell you that when you’re done with this challenge, you’ll arrive to the LIVE event on fire and ready to go further into your brand building process.

“This challenge is really giving me an opportunity to do a deep dive into my authentic self, what gifts I bring to the table and how to better brand myself.” -Adrienne Brown


THE WOMEN POWERED UP ‘2016 Virtual Power Talks’ Recordings

Learn how these thought-leaders are leading on their own terms while making a profound difference with their work.

You’ll not only learn from their success, but you’ll also learn from their slip ups in order to equip you with what you need to stand in your power as a leader in your life, career, business and community. You’ll leave full and recharged with new connections, new insight and fired up with a plan of action to boldly take your next step.

These calls are a priceless treasure to have in your learning library!

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Are You Ready to Power Up Your Vision, Voice & Visibility as a Leader?

Every decision you make ultimately comes down to how you want to feel. So my question for you is…

How do you really want to feel as a leader in 2017?

  • In your heart, your body, your life?
  • When you wake up in the morning…
  • When you share your truth…
  • When you say yes (or no)…
  • When you consciously decide how you’re going to show up and lead?

What you learn and do at The Women Powered Up Experience is going to help you take purposeful action towards all that you want to be, feel and do.

So if you’ve been craving for the guidance to help you increase your impact, influence, and income as a leader…and you’re ready for more meaningful connections with highly-motivated, like-minded leaders…

Then join us
To Your Power & Success

Felicia Davis

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